4 Inspiring Artist And Poet Profiles

If you always enjoying discovering new artists such as poets, performers and painters, simply continue reading to discover 4 inspiring artist profiles. Which will introduce you to a few new artists to follow.

4 Inspiring Artist and poet profiles:

Davy Knittle writer:

Davy Knittle is passionate about queer, trans and feminist theory and writing as well as environmental focused writing and multiethnic US writing. Knittle wrote his academic dissertation on the experience of queer individuals who live in urban environments and the politics of urban change. In his dissertation, Knittle discusses literary accounts about gender, sexuality and kinship in urban political environments. A topic which is close to Knittle’s heart as he identifies as a queer individual.

So far Knittle’s academic work has been featured in a wide variety of academic publications such as WSQ, Planning Perspectives and Modern Language Studies.

As well as writing academic texts, Knittle also works as a reviews editor at Jacket2. Furthermore, he also works as a curator for City Planning Poetics. The latter of which is a reading series based out of Kelly Writers House. In his free time Knittle, also donates his time and energy to working on the Trans Literacy Project at the University of Pennsylvania.

Melissa Mack artist:

Melissa Mack is a fine artist who is based out of Connecticut. Although Mack was born and raised in New York City. Mack was inspired to become an artist after frequently visiting the Metropolitan Musuem of Art and Studio 54 as a young adult. Before selling her work, Mack studied for a MS degree at the Columbia University.

Mack specializes in creating mixed media pieces of art and is passionate about capturing the beauty of nature and natural elements.

Andrea Abi Karam:

Andrea Abi Karam is a Arab American queer gender punk poet, who is passionate about sharing experimental poetry. As well as identifying as being a punk poet, Karen also self identifies as being a cyborg poet. Some of the topics which Karam discusses in their poetry include the intricacies of cyborg bodies and trauma and delayed healing. All of which Karam can personally relate to.

Alana Siegel poet:

Alana Siegel was born in Los Angeles and earned a graduated from Bard College in 2007. Siegel’s first published poetry book is titled Archipelago and is well worth reading if you’re interested in exploring Siegel’s work. Especially as it features a wide variety of poetries in a single book. Other published work from Siegel which is well worth reading include The Occupations, Words From Ra Ra Junction and Semata. All of which were well received.

One subject which Siegel is particularly interested in and gave an interview on is the topic of contacting extraterrestial beings and paranormal beings. A topic which Siegel plans on writing poetry about in the near future. If you have an open mind when it comes to exploring experimental poetry and poetry which deals with subjects such as paranormal beings, you’ll find Siegel’s poetry fascinating.

So if you enjoy following up and coming artists from all walks of life, it’s definitely well worth following the careers of all four of the powerful artists who were mentioned in the article above.


How to be Your Own Boss

If you’re tired of working for an employer and dream of being your own boss, continue reading to discover a helpful guide on how to become your own boss.

How to Be Your Own Boss:

Make sure that you have a quiet home office to work in:

In order to be able to diligently and productively work on your businesses from the comfort of your own home, it’s essential to set up a well equipped home office to work in. Just be sure to set up your home office, in a quiet area of your home. In order to increase your productivity levels. as you won’t have to put up with potentially distracting noises.

Use technology to your advantage:

If you have your heart set on working for yourself, it’s important to be able to use new technology to your advantage. As an example, you may want to use video conferring software such as Zoom in order to host a meeting, with individuals from various parts of the world. Or you may want to accept new digital forms of payments such as cryptocurrencies and PayPal. In order to attract new customers to your businesses.

Aim to run more than one business:

Once you’ve set up your first successful business, it’s well worth launching a second business. As once you’ve learnt what it takes to run a successful business, you should have no trouble replicating your success. Especially if you’re interested in running online businesses. As once you’ve discovered the keys to building a successful online business, you’ll able to open up various online businesses in different industries.

Manage your time carefully:

One of the hardest challenges as a self employed individual is to manage your own time. It’s a great idea to use time management software on your laptop and smart phone, in order to ensure that you’re always productively taking steps towards your goals.

Wake up at 6am each morning:

In order to get a lot of work done before midday. It’s a great idea to get up at 6am, which will give you enough time to enjoy an hour workout and enough time to get ready and to enjoy a healthy breakfast before starting work at 8am. Remember that the early bird gets the worm and that you’ll get a lot more done if you start work at 8am, compared to someone who starts work on their business at 9am.

As an example, if you send emails out before 9am as soon as your clients or customers get to their office, they’ll see your email and will be able to respond to your email in a timely fashion.

Find multiple revenue streams:

Instead of just relying on the income with your businesses generates, it’s also a great idea to create multiple revenue streams. As an example, you may want to invest in blue chip stocks which offer monthly dividend payments or you may want to purchase property shares, which will also bring in a monthly income. As the more passive income you manage to generate, the sooner that you’ll be able to retire.

So if you want to quit working for an employer, in orders to start working for yourself, it’s definitely a smart idea to use all the tips which are listed above to your advantage.


How To Get Your Finances In Order

If you’re unsure of how you can manage your finances better, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading in order to discover a quick guide on how to get your finances in order.

How to Get Your Finances in Order:

Consolidate all of your loans into one easy to manage loan:

If you have multiple loans, do yourself a favor and consolidate all of your seperate loans into one easy to manage to loan. As a bonus, when you consolidate all of your loans into a single loan, you should be offered a lower interest rate. Which will decrease the amount of interest, which you’ll have to pay in the future.

Work on decreasing your debt:

It’s also a smart idea to work hard at decreasing your debt. As an example, in order to avoid paying a huge amount of interest on your credit card debt, it’s a far smarter idea to start paying off as much of your credit card debt as possible, each month. So that you’ll avoid paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest in the future.

It’s a great idea to decrease the amount of money which you spend on luxuries each month, in order to pay off as much of your credit card debt as you can. In order to regain control of your finances as quickly as possible.

Make sure that you have your own seperate bank account:

If you’re in a long term relationship, it’s still important to ensure that you have at least one bank account, which is seperate to your shared accounts as a couple. As if your relationship sours in the future, you will have money saved, that is 100% yours.

Ensure that your savings accounts have a high interest rate:

While you may want to opt for loans and credit cards which offer low interest rates, when it comes to your savings accounts, it’s important to opt for accounts which offer high interest rates. So that you’ll be able to benefit from the power of compound interest. If it’s been a long time since you’ve compared the interest rates which your bank account offers, to the interest rates that their rivals offer, it’s well worth comparing the interest rates offered by each type of account at each bank. To ensure that you’re being offered a competitive interest rate. Especially on your long term savings account.

Ensure that you have a monthly budget:

If you don’t have a monthly budget, it’s well worth getting into the habit of creating a monthly budget, so that you’ll be able to wisely allocate your disposable income to different areas of your life. As an example, if you start following a monthly budget, you may be able to cut down on spending money on eating out, which you may choose to invest. In order to take advantage of capital appreciation and regular dividends.

So if you’re looking to manage your money wisely, it’s well worth getting started by following some of the handy financial tips which have been outlined above.


How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

If you’re well aware that you should make some simple changes to your lifestyle, in order to lead a healthier more positive life, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to discover how to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle:

Nuture supportive, loving friendships:

You’ll find it far easier to lead a healthy lifestyle if you spend time with individuals who are fit, healthy, supportive and positive and who will inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle. While it may be hard to cut ties with individuals who you’ve been friends with for a long period of time, if they don’t support you and inspire you to make healthy decisions, it’s well worth looking for more supportive friends. Who are on the same wave length as you.

Spend less time with toxic influences:

If you have family members or friends who you can’t cut out of your life completely, simply start limiting the amount of time which you spend with them. As it’s hard to be proactive in chasing your goals, if you’re constantly put down by negative individuals who don’t want you to succeed at life.

Try to consume a balanced diet:

You don’t have to cut all unhealthy foods out of your diet, in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. Simply limit the amount of unhealthy foods which you consume on a weekly basis. As an example, you may want to order pizza once a week and to consume healthy, home cooked meals, the rest of the week. Or you may want to enjoy a slice of birthday cake at a special event, once in awhile. Remember that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about depriving yourself of the foods that you love, it’s about eating a nutritionally balanced diet. Which will repair your body and give your body plenty of extra energy.

Practice meditation and mindfulness on a regular basis:

If you often feel overworked or stressed out, you may want to get into the habit of meditating. If you don’t know how to get started you may want to attend a local mediation group or to follow guided meditation sessions on YouTube. You can even download free meditation apps, which will help you practice mediation.

Create room in your life for new opportunities:

If you want to manifest the life of your dreams, it’s a great idea to create room in your life for new opportunities. As an example, there’s no point being in a relationship that drains your energy, if you want to be free to meet the man or woman of your dreams. As another example, if you want to change your style, get rid of all of your clothes that no longer inspire you. So that you’ll be able to build a wardrobe full of pieces that you’ll love to wear and which increase your confidence.

Get fresh air on a daily basis:

One of the easiest things which you can do to change your life is to start spending 30 minutes outdoors on a daily basis. As examples, you may want to go for a walk along a nearby beach or to practice yoga in your backyard. Alternatively, even reading a book in a hammock in your garden, can be a relaxing, healthy experience. You’ll be surprised at just how much better you feel after you get a bit of fresh air and some vitamin D from the sun.

So if you’re ready to improve your lifestyle, it’s well worth getting started by implementing some of the simple yet life changing tips which have been listed out above!


3 American Based Female Artists To Watch

If you love supporting female artists’ work and believe that art is great medium for women to express their feelings, emotions and experiences, simply continue reading to discover the profiles of 3 American based female artists to watch.

3 American based female artists to watch:

Poet profile: Jennifer Tamayo

Jennifer Tamayo is a Colombian born, artist who currently works out of New York City. Tamayo studied at the University of Chicago and has an MFA in creative writing from Louisiana State University. So if you’re interested in reading poetry from a creative artist who is a modern day gypsy and moves from place to place, it’s well worth reading some of her notable pieces of work. Some examples of her work which are well worth reading include Poems Are The Only Real Bodies and You Da One.

As a succesful poet, Tamayo also works as the current managing editor for Futurepoem. A small, independent publishing press which is based in New York City and which focuses on publishing contemporary poetry and modern, thought provoking prose.

Artist profile: Jessica Sabogal

Jessica Sabogal is an American born artist who is proud of her Colombian roots. Sabogal is currently based in the Bay Area of San Fransisco and is a prominent stencil spray paint artist. Although, she’s also referred to as a professional graffiti artist.

One of her most notable works is the If You Let Them visual campaign, which she worked on when she was an artist in residence at the Galeria de la Raza. Another visual campaign which Sabogal worked on which is well worth viewing is the We Are the People art campaign. Which she worked on with another well respected artist, Shepard Fairey.

One of Sabogol’s passion projects is paving the way for female artists. As there are not as many female graffiti artists as there are male graffiti artists. A stat which Sabogal hopes to change. As a proud queer woman, she also hopes to inspire more queer women to use art to express their feelings, opinions and emotions. As she believes that art is a powerful medium, which can highlight individual’s experiences.

Poet and performer profile: Lindsey Boldt

Lindsey Boldt is a modern day Renaissance woman and is a professional poet, artist and performer. Who is primarily based in Oakland, California. As well as releasing poetry, Boldt also writes and performs plays with her creative partner Steve Orth. Some examples of the pair’s plays include Dating by Consensus and The Reading. If you ever get a chance, it’s well worth watching one of Boldt’s and Orth’s plays live. As both artists are passionate performers who will get you to question some of your beliefs through their performances.

If you’re interested in reading some of Boldt’s poetry pieces it’s well worth starting off by reading Overboard and Oh My, Hell Yes. Both of which attracted critical acclaim and which were highly regarded both locally and internationally.

So if you enjoy discovering new female artists to watch, who have great careers ahead of them it’s well worth following the careers of Lindsey Bolt, Jessica Sabogal and Jennifer Tamayo.


3 Life Inspiration Tips

If you’d like to make the most out of your life and are looking for inspirational tips, which will help you make the most out of each day, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading in order to discover a few handy life inspiration tips, which will help you transform your life in a short space of time.

3 Life inspiration tips:

Focus on being grateful for all of the good in your life:

How does focusing on your blessings help you lead a happier life? Your mind is extremely powerful and if you focus on negative emotions, you’ll start to feel depressed. Whereas if you train your brain to focus on positivity, such as your blessings in life, you can train your brain to focus on positive emotions.

As an example, think about a good friend. If you were to write down a list of your friend’s negative qualities for a full minute you’d start to think more negatively about your friend. Whereas if you were to spend a minute writing all the positive traits which your friend exudes, you’ll start to see your friend in their best light. However, keep in mind that your friend hasn’t changed, your perception of them is what has changed.

That’s why it’s important to train your mind to focus on positivity. One of the easiest ways to change your thought patterns on life is to write a list of 5-10 things that you are grateful for each day. Preferably right before you go to sleep. Examples may include your job, your experiences, your possessions or the people in your life. You can even include your pet.

Learn about the stories and lives of inspirational people:

If you’re looking for inspiration to pursue your dreams, it’s a smart idea to spend time learning about the stories and lives of inspirational people, who you admire. As an example, if you want to run a marathon or to launch your own business, you may want to look for books written by professional runners or entrepreneurs. Alternatively, you may want to listen to podcasts which feature individuals who inspire you to strive for your dreams.

By finding out more information about inspirational individuals whose success you admire, you’ll discover that there’s nothing magical about those who achieve high levels of success. Successful people are ordinary people who believe in their dreams and take steps towards achieving their dreams and goals, on a daily basis.

Keep a journal of inspirational quotes:

Each time that you hear or read about a quote which inspires you, write it down in a small journal. Which you’ll be able to flip through when you’re feeling down and are in need of a pep talk. You can even use inspirational quotes from your family and friends. So don’t feel limited to choose famous quotes by philosophers or celebrities. As inspiration can come from any source.

So if you want to start proactively taking steps towards achieving your life goals, hopefully you’ve found a few inspirational tips, which will help you get started!


Handy Lifestyle Tips

If you’re always open to hearing tips which will make your everyday life easier, you’re in luck. Simply continue reading to discover a handy list of lifestyle tips which will positively change your life.

Handy Lifestyle Tips:

Don’t plan your international trips till the last minute:

Especially after the COVID19 pandemic, it’s a great idea to hold off planning any international trips, until the last minute. When you’ll have a fair idea of whether it’s still safe to travel to your desired destination and whether your flight is likely to take off.

While it may have been cheaper to book your flights and accomodation a year in advance, in the past, in today’s world, it’s a far smarter idea to plan your international trips at the last minute. Especially as the best deals are normally last minute plane flights and accomodation deals. If you like the idea of booking a cruise, in order to explore exotic ports it’s also a great idea to try and book a last minute cruise. Once it’s safe to travel once again.

You may even want to wait till the last minute in order to book your next domestic trip. As you should also be able to score great sales when it comes to domestic’s flights, car hire and accomodation.

Regularly clean out your home:

It’s a great idea to go through every room in your home, twice a year. In order to get rid of any items which you don’t use or which no longer bring you happiness. Remember that as time goes by, you’ll evolve and change as a person and so the items in your home should also change as you grow as a person.

As an example, if you want your wardrobe to evolve as you change as a person, it’s well worth getting rid of any clothes which no longer excite you or which you no longer wear. So that you’ll have plenty of room to hang up new clothes that bring excitement into your life and which represent who you are as a person. Not the person who you were a few years ago.

Always make sure that you have money set aside for a rainy day:

Unfortunately, many individuals fail to set aside enough money to pay for unexpected expenses. So if you want to give yourself peace of mind, it’s a great idea to regularly put aside a small portion of your pay check, into a rainy day savings account. Which you’ll be able to dip into during emergencies. As an example, if your car is hit and you need to fix your car or to buy a replacement car, you’ll be able to dip into your rainy day savings account. Without having to touch your long term savings account.

Make sure that you have own number memorized:

As there will be occasions where new individuals will ask you for your number or a store may ask you for your number, it’s important to ensure that you can confidently recite every digit of your current smart phone number. As you’ll be surprised at how many individuals don’t know the first five numbers of their smart phone.

Hopefully all of the smart lifestyle tips which are listed above will help you transform your life for the better. As sometimes the smallest changes can make a huge difference in your life!


Everything That You Need To Know About PennSound

PennSound is a website which features recordings of free poetry, which has been recorded by their original authors. Think of PennSound as the iTunes for spoken poetry. If you enjoy and appreciate listening to spoken poetry, it’s well worth continuing reading to learn more valuable information about PennSound.

Everything that you need to know about PennSound:

It offers over 1,500 unique recordings:

So far, PennSound offers visitors access to over 1,500 full length poetry readings. All of which are downloadable and which have been recorded by their authors.

You can download every recording available on PennSound for free:

One of the remarkable features of PennSound is that you’re able to download as many original poetry recordings as you’d like, completely free of charge. So if you don’t have money in your monthly budget to spend on paying for a subscription to a poetry site, it’s well worth visiting PennSound for the very first time.

You’ll get to discover a wide variety of talented poets:

One reason to visit PennSound is to be able to discover new poets, which you may not find on other websites. So if you’re keen to find a few new favorite poets, it’s well worth browsing a few of the full length poems which are available to download on PennSound. As if you fall in love with a particular poem which you listen to, you may be able to find more recordings from the same poet. All without leaving PennSound.

It is associated with the prestigious University of Pennsylvania:

PennSound was launched as part of an initiative by the Center for Programs in Creative Writing, which is located at the University of Pennsylvania.

All recordings only feature a single poem:

If you’re worried about downloading an extremely lengthy mp3 file which features dozens of poems, don’t worry as all of the recordings which are featured on PennSound only feature a single poem. So you’ll never have to worry about trying to track your favorite poem in a lengthy track. Which is a huge advantage of using PennSound.

It records historic recordings as well as contemporary recordings:

Some examples of some of the historic recordings which feature on PennSound include poetry by Ezra Pound, Wallace Stevens and Guillaume Apollinaire. While some of the more modern authors who feature on PennSound include Josh Ashbery, Allen Ginsburg, Jack Spicer and Lyn Hejinian. All of whom are notable poets.

PennSound offers author pages:

If you are lucky enough to find an author whose work you love, you’re in luck as most of the poets whose work features on PennSound have their own PennSound author page. Where you’ll be able to find a list of all of their works which are available for download via PennSound. So you’ll be able to binge listen to the work of your new favorite authors.

So if you were interested in finding out more information about PennSound hopefully you discovered a lot of useful information about PennSound’s services. Especially if you love listening to audio recordings of poetry in your spare time.


Everything That You Need To Know About Timeless Infinite Light

If you’re recently heard about the publishing company Timeless Infinite Light and are interested in discovering what sets it apart from your average publishing house, simply continue reading. In order to discover everything that you need to know about Timeless Infinite Light and its powerful mission.

Everything that you need to know about Timeless Infinite Light:

Timeless Infinite Light was founded in 2013:

Timeless Infinite Light was found back in 2013 by Joel Gregory and Emiji Spero. At its launch it Timeless Infinite Light was a small scale publishing company. However, since 2013, it has grown from strength to strength and has become a well respected publishing company. Timeless Infinite Light is still located in Oakland, where it was founded. As Oakland and its creative contributors are the heart and life force of Timeless Infinite Light.

It was created to give a voice to underrepresented authors:

Joel Gregory and Emji Spero originally founded Timeless Infinite Light in order to provide a voice for underrepresented authors and up and coming authors, who struggled to get their works published by existing small publishers. Gregory and Spero were also inspired to build Timeless Infinite Light as they personally knew creative individuals who weren’t able to get their talented works published by existing publishing companies.

It focuses on publishing experimental works:

What sets Timeless Infinite Light apart from other small publishers? Most of the creative work which is published by Timeless Infinite Light is experimental. Some examples of works which have been published in the past by Timeless Infinite Light include poetry, graphic novels, science fiction, interactive stories, music, film, art, essays and conversations.

It is known for producing challenging pieces of work:

Another reason why Timeless Infinite Light is so unique is that it doesn’t shy away from producing pieces of work which will challenge readers perceptions of the world. As an example, it frequently publishes work from marginalised groups who are looking for a safe way to share their genuine stories with the world at large. Stories which may offend those in power, who may object to minority groups spreading their messages and experiences.

It publishes work which has academic influences:

It is also well known and respected for publishing pieces of original work which have academic influences or have been written by prominent academics in various fields. So if you’re interested in reading pieces which will help you learn about new, interesting topics, it’s also well worth browsing some of the academic focused pieces which have been published and pushed by Timeless Infinite Light.

It supports other small publishers:

The publishers behind Timeless Infinite Light are in constant contact with other small publishers in the same sphere. Some examples of which include Nightboat, Ugly Ducking and Vellum. All of which have a substantial following in the Bay Area. Sometimes the staff at Timeless Infinite Night refer authors to other publishers and vice versa. As their main goal is go give individuals a strong voice. Whether it’s with their company or another publisher.

Hopefully you’re now well aware of some of the fabulous work which is produced by the passionate team at Timeless Infinite Night. An indie publishing company which boasts plenty of heart and soul.


Publisher Profile: Timeless Oakland

Timeless Infinite Light which is also known as Timeless Matter or Timeless Oakland is an independent small publisher, which is committed to producing work by minorities and underrepresented authors. Such as queer authors and feminist authors. As well as authors who speak out about the injustices of prejudice, oppression and systematic racism. To discover a quick guide to Timeless Infinite Light and their work, simply continue reading.

Publisher profile: Timeless Oakland

Timeless Infinite Light publishes printed work which fights capitalism and hegemony:

One of the reasons why Timeless Oakland is so unique is that it focuses on publishing work from a wide variety of artists who are passionate about fighting capitalism, greed and hegemony. If you want to read work by individuals, who are outspoken about the injustices in society that have been allowed to continue for countless years, it’s definitely well worth reading work produced by Timeless Oakland.

It gives a voice to anyone who feels ignored or oppressed:

Many of the authors whose work has been successfully published by Timeless Infinite Light had their work rejected by countless mainstream publishers, before their work was given a spotlight by Timeless Infinite Light Oakland. Particularly individuals who write about fighting against the contemporary structures of power.

Timeless Infinite Light is comprised of a community of talented artists:

The publishing company is based out of the Omi Commons in North Oakland and is supported and enriched by a large community of artists. Some examples of key groups who help Timeless Infinite Lights with their mission include Counter Culture Labs, Material Print Machine and the Sudo Room. All of whom share the same focus and mission of uplifting artists, writers and poets who are willing to speak out against accepted injustices in order to create a brighter future for society at large.

It’s primary editors are its passionate founders Emji Spero and Joel Gregory

The initial founders of Timeless Infinite Light, Emji Spero and Joel Gregory still work for the publishing house as editors and frequently promote the publishing house’s mission. Both editors are vocal about the fact that they originally founded Timeless Infinite Light in order to give a voice to those who were willing to challenge the accepted norms of society. Norms which they felt were harmful to minorities and those who went already in positions of power.

One of the reasons why Gregory and Spero decided to launch their very own publishing company in Oakland is that they quickly realized that most authors who wished to publish controversial texts which challenged accepted norms, had their work declined by existing publishing houses. Many of which flat out refused to publish the creative work of Spero and Gregory’s fellow artists and friends.

So if you were curious about Timeless Infinite Light’s mission and work, hopefully you’ve discovered everything that you need to know about the small independent publishing house. Which is based out of Oakland and which isn’t afraid to publish controversial pieces of work which tackle systematic injustice in modern day society.