3 American Based Female Artists To Watch

If you love supporting female artists’ work and believe that art is great medium for women to express their feelings, emotions and experiences, simply continue reading to discover the profiles of 3 American based female artists to watch.

3 American based female artists to watch:

Poet profile: Jennifer Tamayo

Jennifer Tamayo is a Colombian born, artist who currently works out of New York City. Tamayo studied at the University of Chicago and has an MFA in creative writing from Louisiana State University. So if you’re interested in reading poetry from a creative artist who is a modern day gypsy and moves from place to place, it’s well worth reading some of her notable pieces of work. Some examples of her work which are well worth reading include Poems Are The Only Real Bodies and You Da One.

As a succesful poet, Tamayo also works as the current managing editor for Futurepoem. A small, independent publishing press which is based in New York City and which focuses on publishing contemporary poetry and modern, thought provoking prose.

Artist profile: Jessica Sabogal

Jessica Sabogal is an American born artist who is proud of her Colombian roots. Sabogal is currently based in the Bay Area of San Fransisco and is a prominent stencil spray paint artist. Although, she’s also referred to as a professional graffiti artist.

One of her most notable works is the If You Let Them visual campaign, which she worked on when she was an artist in residence at the Galeria de la Raza. Another visual campaign which Sabogal worked on which is well worth viewing is the We Are the People art campaign. Which she worked on with another well respected artist, Shepard Fairey.

One of Sabogol’s passion projects is paving the way for female artists. As there are not as many female graffiti artists as there are male graffiti artists. A stat which Sabogal hopes to change. As a proud queer woman, she also hopes to inspire more queer women to use art to express their feelings, opinions and emotions. As she believes that art is a powerful medium, which can highlight individual’s experiences.

Poet and performer profile: Lindsey Boldt

Lindsey Boldt is a modern day Renaissance woman and is a professional poet, artist and performer. Who is primarily based in Oakland, California. As well as releasing poetry, Boldt also writes and performs plays with her creative partner Steve Orth. Some examples of the pair’s plays include Dating by Consensus and The Reading. If you ever get a chance, it’s well worth watching one of Boldt’s and Orth’s plays live. As both artists are passionate performers who will get you to question some of your beliefs through their performances.

If you’re interested in reading some of Boldt’s poetry pieces it’s well worth starting off by reading Overboard and Oh My, Hell Yes. Both of which attracted critical acclaim and which were highly regarded both locally and internationally.

So if you enjoy discovering new female artists to watch, who have great careers ahead of them it’s well worth following the careers of Lindsey Bolt, Jessica Sabogal and Jennifer Tamayo.

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