4 Inspiring Artist And Poet Profiles

If you always enjoying discovering new artists such as poets, performers and painters, simply continue reading to discover 4 inspiring artist profiles. Which will introduce you to a few new artists to follow.

4 Inspiring Artist and poet profiles:

Davy Knittle writer:

Davy Knittle is passionate about queer, trans and feminist theory and writing as well as environmental focused writing and multiethnic US writing. Knittle wrote his academic dissertation on the experience of queer individuals who live in urban environments and the politics of urban change. In his dissertation, Knittle discusses literary accounts about gender, sexuality and kinship in urban political environments. A topic which is close to Knittle’s heart as he identifies as a queer individual.

So far Knittle’s academic work has been featured in a wide variety of academic publications such as WSQ, Planning Perspectives and Modern Language Studies.

As well as writing academic texts, Knittle also works as a reviews editor at Jacket2. Furthermore, he also works as a curator for City Planning Poetics. The latter of which is a reading series based out of Kelly Writers House. In his free time Knittle, also donates his time and energy to working on the Trans Literacy Project at the University of Pennsylvania.

Melissa Mack artist:

Melissa Mack is a fine artist who is based out of Connecticut. Although Mack was born and raised in New York City. Mack was inspired to become an artist after frequently visiting the Metropolitan Musuem of Art and Studio 54 as a young adult. Before selling her work, Mack studied for a MS degree at the Columbia University.

Mack specializes in creating mixed media pieces of art and is passionate about capturing the beauty of nature and natural elements.

Andrea Abi Karam:

Andrea Abi Karam is a Arab American queer gender punk poet, who is passionate about sharing experimental poetry. As well as identifying as being a punk poet, Karen also self identifies as being a cyborg poet. Some of the topics which Karam discusses in their poetry include the intricacies of cyborg bodies and trauma and delayed healing. All of which Karam can personally relate to.

Alana Siegel poet:

Alana Siegel was born in Los Angeles and earned a graduated from Bard College in 2007. Siegel’s first published poetry book is titled Archipelago and is well worth reading if you’re interested in exploring Siegel’s work. Especially as it features a wide variety of poetries in a single book. Other published work from Siegel which is well worth reading include The Occupations, Words From Ra Ra Junction and Semata. All of which were well received.

One subject which Siegel is particularly interested in and gave an interview on is the topic of contacting extraterrestial beings and paranormal beings. A topic which Siegel plans on writing poetry about in the near future. If you have an open mind when it comes to exploring experimental poetry and poetry which deals with subjects such as paranormal beings, you’ll find Siegel’s poetry fascinating.

So if you enjoy following up and coming artists from all walks of life, it’s definitely well worth following the careers of all four of the powerful artists who were mentioned in the article above.

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