Everything That You Need To Know About Timeless Infinite Light

If you’re recently heard about the publishing company Timeless Infinite Light and are interested in discovering what sets it apart from your average publishing house, simply continue reading. In order to discover everything that you need to know about Timeless Infinite Light and its powerful mission.

Everything that you need to know about Timeless Infinite Light:

Timeless Infinite Light was founded in 2013:

Timeless Infinite Light was found back in 2013 by Joel Gregory and Emiji Spero. At its launch it Timeless Infinite Light was a small scale publishing company. However, since 2013, it has grown from strength to strength and has become a well respected publishing company. Timeless Infinite Light is still located in Oakland, where it was founded. As Oakland and its creative contributors are the heart and life force of Timeless Infinite Light.

It was created to give a voice to underrepresented authors:

Joel Gregory and Emji Spero originally founded Timeless Infinite Light in order to provide a voice for underrepresented authors and up and coming authors, who struggled to get their works published by existing small publishers. Gregory and Spero were also inspired to build Timeless Infinite Light as they personally knew creative individuals who weren’t able to get their talented works published by existing publishing companies.

It focuses on publishing experimental works:

What sets Timeless Infinite Light apart from other small publishers? Most of the creative work which is published by Timeless Infinite Light is experimental. Some examples of works which have been published in the past by Timeless Infinite Light include poetry, graphic novels, science fiction, interactive stories, music, film, art, essays and conversations.

It is known for producing challenging pieces of work:

Another reason why Timeless Infinite Light is so unique is that it doesn’t shy away from producing pieces of work which will challenge readers perceptions of the world. As an example, it frequently publishes work from marginalised groups who are looking for a safe way to share their genuine stories with the world at large. Stories which may offend those in power, who may object to minority groups spreading their messages and experiences.

It publishes work which has academic influences:

It is also well known and respected for publishing pieces of original work which have academic influences or have been written by prominent academics in various fields. So if you’re interested in reading pieces which will help you learn about new, interesting topics, it’s also well worth browsing some of the academic focused pieces which have been published and pushed by Timeless Infinite Light.

It supports other small publishers:

The publishers behind Timeless Infinite Light are in constant contact with other small publishers in the same sphere. Some examples of which include Nightboat, Ugly Ducking and Vellum. All of which have a substantial following in the Bay Area. Sometimes the staff at Timeless Infinite Night refer authors to other publishers and vice versa. As their main goal is go give individuals a strong voice. Whether it’s with their company or another publisher.

Hopefully you’re now well aware of some of the fabulous work which is produced by the passionate team at Timeless Infinite Night. An indie publishing company which boasts plenty of heart and soul.

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