Publisher Profile: Timeless Oakland

Timeless Infinite Light which is also known as Timeless Matter or Timeless Oakland is an independent small publisher, which is committed to producing work by minorities and underrepresented authors. Such as queer authors and feminist authors. As well as authors who speak out about the injustices of prejudice, oppression and systematic racism. To discover a quick guide to Timeless Infinite Light and their work, simply continue reading.

Publisher profile: Timeless Oakland

Timeless Infinite Light publishes printed work which fights capitalism and hegemony:

One of the reasons why Timeless Oakland is so unique is that it focuses on publishing work from a wide variety of artists who are passionate about fighting capitalism, greed and hegemony. If you want to read work by individuals, who are outspoken about the injustices in society that have been allowed to continue for countless years, it’s definitely well worth reading work produced by Timeless Oakland.

It gives a voice to anyone who feels ignored or oppressed:

Many of the authors whose work has been successfully published by Timeless Infinite Light had their work rejected by countless mainstream publishers, before their work was given a spotlight by Timeless Infinite Light Oakland. Particularly individuals who write about fighting against the contemporary structures of power.

Timeless Infinite Light is comprised of a community of talented artists:

The publishing company is based out of the Omi Commons in North Oakland and is supported and enriched by a large community of artists. Some examples of key groups who help Timeless Infinite Lights with their mission include Counter Culture Labs, Material Print Machine and the Sudo Room. All of whom share the same focus and mission of uplifting artists, writers and poets who are willing to speak out against accepted injustices in order to create a brighter future for society at large.

It’s primary editors are its passionate founders Emji Spero and Joel Gregory

The initial founders of Timeless Infinite Light, Emji Spero and Joel Gregory still work for the publishing house as editors and frequently promote the publishing house’s mission. Both editors are vocal about the fact that they originally founded Timeless Infinite Light in order to give a voice to those who were willing to challenge the accepted norms of society. Norms which they felt were harmful to minorities and those who went already in positions of power.

One of the reasons why Gregory and Spero decided to launch their very own publishing company in Oakland is that they quickly realized that most authors who wished to publish controversial texts which challenged accepted norms, had their work declined by existing publishing houses. Many of which flat out refused to publish the creative work of Spero and Gregory’s fellow artists and friends.

So if you were curious about Timeless Infinite Light’s mission and work, hopefully you’ve discovered everything that you need to know about the small independent publishing house. Which is based out of Oakland and which isn’t afraid to publish controversial pieces of work which tackle systematic injustice in modern day society.

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