Everything That You Need To Know About PennSound

PennSound is a website which features recordings of free poetry, which has been recorded by their original authors. Think of PennSound as the iTunes for spoken poetry. If you enjoy and appreciate listening to spoken poetry, it’s well worth continuing reading to learn more valuable information about PennSound.

Everything that you need to know about PennSound:

It offers over 1,500 unique recordings:

So far, PennSound offers visitors access to over 1,500 full length poetry readings. All of which are downloadable and which have been recorded by their authors.

You can download every recording available on PennSound for free:

One of the remarkable features of PennSound is that you’re able to download as many original poetry recordings as you’d like, completely free of charge. So if you don’t have money in your monthly budget to spend on paying for a subscription to a poetry site, it’s well worth visiting PennSound for the very first time.

You’ll get to discover a wide variety of talented poets:

One reason to visit PennSound is to be able to discover new poets, which you may not find on other websites. So if you’re keen to find a few new favorite poets, it’s well worth browsing a few of the full length poems which are available to download on PennSound. As if you fall in love with a particular poem which you listen to, you may be able to find more recordings from the same poet. All without leaving PennSound.

It is associated with the prestigious University of Pennsylvania:

PennSound was launched as part of an initiative by the Center for Programs in Creative Writing, which is located at the University of Pennsylvania.

All recordings only feature a single poem:

If you’re worried about downloading an extremely lengthy mp3 file which features dozens of poems, don’t worry as all of the recordings which are featured on PennSound only feature a single poem. So you’ll never have to worry about trying to track your favorite poem in a lengthy track. Which is a huge advantage of using PennSound.

It records historic recordings as well as contemporary recordings:

Some examples of some of the historic recordings which feature on PennSound include poetry by Ezra Pound, Wallace Stevens and Guillaume Apollinaire. While some of the more modern authors who feature on PennSound include Josh Ashbery, Allen Ginsburg, Jack Spicer and Lyn Hejinian. All of whom are notable poets.

PennSound offers author pages:

If you are lucky enough to find an author whose work you love, you’re in luck as most of the poets whose work features on PennSound have their own PennSound author page. Where you’ll be able to find a list of all of their works which are available for download via PennSound. So you’ll be able to binge listen to the work of your new favorite authors.

So if you were interested in finding out more information about PennSound hopefully you discovered a lot of useful information about PennSound’s services. Especially if you love listening to audio recordings of poetry in your spare time.

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